At the Law Office of Robert C. Smith, we offer a customized legal plan for Clients who may have a special need or limited litigation budget. In order to address the concern of every citizen to be adequately represented at court we have come up with a litigation plan that can be custom fit to your litigation needs. The service is primarily centered around a single issue or appearance that you may need an Attorney to represent you on.

This service is especially beneficial to the unrepresented client who may be going up against a skilled Attorney, limited finances to afford an Attorney for the full case or has had a very bad previous experience before a Judge and would benefit from having a knowledgeable and skilled Attorney in his/her corner to fully express their concerns.

"Peace of mind" is a secondary benefit, having a knowledgeable Attorney at your side to answer questions and make requests to the Judge on your behalf, thus ensuring you get the full benefit of the legal system.

The service includes:

  1. Consultation with the Attorney
  2. Review of the documents that will be presented and argued on your behalf at the hearing
  3. Discussion of litigation strategy and brief coaching
  4. Appearance by the Attorney at your hearing

*Types of limited scope representation:

  1. Family law: motions, MSC's, OSC's, status conferences, bifurcation of status, restraining order
  2. Bankruptcy: 341A hearing, Confirmation of the Chapter 13 Plan
  3. Criminal law: Arraignment, Bail hearings, Preliminary hearings, Plea bargaining, Pre-trial motions
  4. Real Estate law: unlawful detainer trial
  5. Civil law: motion arguments, opposition to demurrer, law in motion matters

*The list above is only a sample of the types of representation that the Law Office of Robert C. Smith will perform. To find out if the Law Office of Robert C. Smith will be able to service your legal needs call 909-563-8644 for a free consultation or submit your request with the online Client contact form.